What is Lung Expansion

What is Lung Expansion So what is lung expansion?  well simply put lung expansion is the lungs ability to expand, so that they can take in air.  proper lung expansion is dependant on several things, such as the elasticity of the lungs themselves, the ability of the diaphragm to function properly, and the surface tension within

Absorption Atelectasis

pulmonary embolism

Absorption Atelectasis Absorption Atelectasis is a form of atelectasis caused by the reduction of the concentration of nitrogen within the lungs.  when breathing normal air there is approximately 78% nitrogen in the air, and it is this nitrogen that helps to keep the alveoli within the lungs open. Absorption Atelectasis – What is it? The

What is Lung Capacity

lung cancer metastasis

What is Lung Capacity If you were to ask the average person the question what is lung capacity they would not be able to correctly answer the question.  In general this is not a big deal as lung capacity is not something that people think about day to day or really ever hear about.  Even

How to Improve Lung Health

how to improve lung health

A step-by-step plan on how to improve lung health is a mix of things to steer clear of and things to do. Do not smoke cigarettes. It is usually difficult to resist and even harder to quit. However cigarette smoking is one of the main risk factors for COPD, asthma, lung cancer, and a whole

Types of Lung Diseases


Everybody takes breathing for granted, except for those people for whom it is a every day challenge to breath due to types of lung diseases. The difficulty breathing these people suffer from could come about from a wide range of different types of lung diseases and cures to these types of lung diseases are difficult