What is Pulmonary Embolism

What is a Pulmonary Embolism The term pulmonary embolism is derived from the word pulmonary meaning lungs, and the word embolism which is a clot.  So based on that one can easily conclude that a pulmonary embolism is a clot in the lungs, which restricts blood flow to part of the lung impairing blood flow, gas exchange

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What is Lung Compliance

What is Lung Compliance Lung Compliance is the measure of the lungs ability to stretch and the thorax ability to expand, which is determined by elasticity and pulmonary volume. Lung Compliance – Increase & Decrease A high degree of compliance (expansion) can indicate a decrease in the elasticity and recoil of the lungs, as seen

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What is Lung Consolidation

What is Lung Consolidation Lung consolidation is basically a solidification of the lung and its tissues.  This consolidation of the lung is usually due to a build up of debris and or fluid within the spaces within the lung that are normally occupied by air.  Lung consolidation is also called pulmonary consolidation.  The most common cause

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What is Lung Capacity for Kids

What is Lung Capacity for Kids If one is looking to find out what is lung capacity for kids it is not a simple answer.  There a many variables that can come into play in determining a childs lung capacity. There is a general guidline for determining what is lung capacity for kids and that is 5

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Cough Reflex

Cough Reflex The cough reflex is a reflex that is neurally mediated or controlled, and it is designed to protect the lungs from the build up of secretions and possible entry into the lungs of irritants or pathogens.  The cough reflex is one of the main defense mechanisms of the respiratory tract. Cough Reflex Receptors

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